Paying Contractors Abroad

We are a remote company. We use contractors based in places all over the world, for development, design and things we can't handle ourselves. Paying contractors through regular international banking transfers is expensive so we've found some alternatives: TransferWise...

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More ‘fun’ in Funchal, Madeira

Our second week in Funchal has been full of food, work, food, swimming, food, road trips and more food. Now that we're in a large apartment in the middle of the town, all the restaurants of Funchal are within about a two minute walk. This has made for a lot more...

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Reasons Not To Be Afraid of the Word “Software”

The word "software" can be frightening, particularly if you consider yourself a non-techie. But it doesn't have to be that way. Learn to embrace technology by taking away the mysticism and understand the only thing to fear is fear itself. Sound cliche? It's actually...

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The 6 Biggest Misconceptions About Custom Software

Creating custom software is a difficult topic of discussion for many businesses. It requires a great investment of both time and money. However, building your own software can significantly improve your business' productivity and ability to help others. So why do many...

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What to Do When Your Developer Has Gone AWOL

You've brainstormed a bold idea, acquired an intelligent and supportive team, and hired a software developer to help bring your vision to life. Your project has been progressing smoothly, when suddenly, poof. In the blink of an eye, your developer seems to have...

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About Happy Porch

We partner with social enterprises, NGOs, and nonprofits who are making the world a better place. We provide these organisations with our web development expertise in an open, honest and caring way. Together our impact is so much more!

What our clients say

Working with HappyPorch was a delight. I’ve worked with many volunteer and professional developers on online campaigns on a big scale. I have never had a more professional, motivated and outcome oriented partner

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