I gave lectures about databases to my programming class in Grammar School, frequented national rounds of programming competitions throughout my studies, and got a part-time job as a software developer at 16 years old, writing various applications that were used, amongst other things, in nuclear power plants.

This quick progress accelerated even further once I got admitted to the University of Edinburgh, one of the top IT universities in the world. I was able to learn about various fields in IT and management, ramp up my industry experience working for a local web development company, build up some crucial connections, and start my own business, all while studying.

Towards finishing my degree I was scouted by Barclays Capital and accepted an offer to work for Barclays in their Prague office. I always wondered what it would be like working for a big international corporation, and it allowed me to work on high-performance business critical systems, where reliability and scalability were top priorities. I enjoyed the technical challenges and learned a lot about managing and delivering larger projects, but there was a distinct lack of substance in the work I was doing. It took me just under three years to be satisfied with the experiment and focus again on smaller business.

My four years at Edinburgh were a true catalyst of my entrepreneurial passion. My three years at Barclays showed me that my motivation is not earning money, but to have the ability to work on projects that have a real positive impact on the world and the societies we live in and collaborate with people that care. My future at HappyPorch sees me pursuing my dream and empowering smart people like you to make the world a better place.