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Endzone Communication 101: How We Achieve Optimal Communications While Reducing Emails and Phone Calls

There’s a lot of talk out there about laying on the value with your work.

And why not?

It’s important that you constantly demonstrate and increase the value you bring as an agency.

But there's more to it then just value in your work, that's only half the value equation. You know what else keeps clients around from one project to the next and on long-term retainers?

A feeling of trust.

Trust is the other half. When clients love the quality of your work AND they trust you as an agency, then they are more likely to work with you long term.

But trust doesn’t come free, it’s is the result of building a relationship. And relationships don’t appear out of thin air either. They require ample time and most important:

Free flowing communication.

Free Flowing Communication Is Crucial For Agencies

As an agency you can’t just disappear for a few weeks or months while you work on a project. It’s also not very efficient to run your agency with a 'my door is always open' policy.

It’s best to create a communication balance, one where your clients (or team) don’t worry about unknowns, but nobody feels overloaded with details either. And an easy way to strike a balance is by implementing a communication system.

Here’s the deal:

You need a way to interact with your clients regularly. But people are busy and communication with your agency shouldn’t be another business challenge for them. Instead, it ought to be the most painless process possible (for everyone involved).

So how and when should you create a communication system that serves your clients and your agency?

Right away. Don’t wait for an emergency. Don’t wait for a little extra free time. Start creating a reliable communication system today. 

You Need a Reliable Communication System

Today I’m going to take you through Endzone’s communication system and why we follow the processes that we do.

I’m even going as far as laying out our exact workflow and the tools we use every day to provide continuous support and maintenance for our clients. But don’t be mistaken, this isn’t about tools and tactics. It’s about the strategy and mindset behind the system.

If you’ve never thought about how your agency can systematically engage clients on an ongoing basis, then I hope you can implement some or all of our communication system to your agency.

Introducing: How to Create an (Ongoing) Agency Communication System that Works

Each article below was written around our communication methodology at Endzone Software.

We developed our system out of necessity, requiring a way to communicate with clients (often daily) and among our globally distributed team in an efficient and transparent way.

We are remote, but our process can easily apply to localised agencies as well. We’re also a small team, but you’ll see that the system is designed to scale up or down as we do.




Agency Ongoing Communication 101

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