Custom web software development for Social Enterprises and Charities

We partner with social enterprises, NGOs, and nonprofits who are making the world a better place. We provide these organisations with our web development expertise in an open, honest and caring way. Together our impact is so much more!

Case Studies

Collegium Telemedicus: A Case Study

Advances in technology have allowed us to accomplish amazing things. From the creation of medical equipment like the brain scanner to the first lunar landing, all major milestones for humanity can be linked back to the ingenuity of inventors and creative minds. Where...

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The Fight for a Free Internet

The internet is becoming the town square of the village of tomorrow When Bill Gates uttered those words, perhaps even he couldn't have imagined just how true they'd be. In just a few short years the internet has revolutionised the way we communicate, educate,...

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One Page Impact Reports: A Case Study

Over the last few months we've been excited to partner with Intentionality, on a pro bono basis, to build an online tool enabling users to create One Page Impact Reports. What is a One Page Impact Report? In the United Kingdom, and other countries, social enterprises...

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Working with HappyPorch was a delight. I’ve worked with many volunteer and professional developers on online campaigns on a big scale. I have never had a more professional, motivated and outcome oriented partner.


Save The Internet

Our software development services

We work with organisations whose aims we genuinely care about.
We partner with social enterprises, NGOs, and nonprofits who are making the world a better place.
We provide these organisations with the technical expertise to reach their goals.

Roadmapping Your Project

You have an idea, vision, or cause-based goal, but aren’t sure how to make it a reality. Once the roadmap is complete, you will have everything you need to kickstart a successful project.

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Ongoing Maintenance of Web Applications

Software is like a garden: without regular maintenance it grows out of control. The purpose of ongoing maintenance is to tend the code and immediately fix small issues before they become huge problems.

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Web Application Development

The close communication built into our process means we create solutions that aren’t just technically impressive, but also work exactly the way you want them to.

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Project Rescue

Has something gone wrong with your project? Over budget and behind schedule? Are you frustrated and annoyed with the results you are getting? Or aren’t getting? We can help.

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About Us

Happy Porch happened because there was a need.

Across the world, non-profit organisations, charities, NGOs, and social businesses all need someone to trust. It’s difficult to know what questions to ask when you’re not a software developer…

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Our Goal

At Happy Porch, we want to earn your trust.

In the same way you would build a relationship with a mechanic you trust who will give you the facts about your car in a way you can understand, the Happy Porch team wants to build a relationship with your business and help you meet your socially-minded goal.

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