HappyPorch happened because there was a need. Across the world, nonprofit organisations, charities, NGOs, and social enterprises all need someone to trust.

It’s difficult to know what questions to ask when you’re not a software developer, yet you’re in need of someone to bring your idea to life. It’s challenging to know who to ask for help, especially when it seems like there is always a chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Choosing a software company to entrust with your socially-minded business needs is much like choosing an auto mechanic to fix your car. You know something is wrong with your vehicle and you need help, but you’re not an expert. You’ve tried to have a look and maybe you asked a friend to try to help, but the issue is bigger than you can handle.

Finally, after trying everything you can on your own, you realize you need someone who knows more about your car than you do. You visit a mechanic, but you’re apprehensive. The mechanic might tell you there are many problems with your car and repairing it will be costly.

A great mechanic explains where your issues in the car engine are and how he will fix it so you can drive it again. He won’t use technical language you don’t understand, but instead, he will talk with you as someone who cares.

Our Goal

At HappyPorch, we want to earn your trust. In the same way you would build a relationship with a mechanic you trust who will give you the facts about your car in a way you can understand, the HappyPorch team wants to build a relationship with your business and help you meet your socially-minded goal.

HappyPorch is about more than just software.

We care about people. We mindfully choose what companies we work with. HappyPorch works with nonprofit organisations, charities, non-government organisations, social enterprises, and businesses seeking to do good in the world. When we partner with you, we support each other.

We care about life. We believe that achieving something great begins at a personal level. Living a rich, full, rewarding life can result in leading positive changes in our communities.

We care about value. We want to help your socially-minded business or nonprofit organisation raise money to achieve your social goals. We also recognize that money isn’t the only way to measure success. Our team gives back to our global community by working on projects we feel have extra value for our shared society.

HappyPorch can help your organisation.

At HappyPorch, we understand that running a socially-minded business isn’t without its challenges. We want to help if you’re struggling to:

  • Stay up-to-date, fix issues, and meet your original aims.
  • Solve technical questions and are losing time, money, or energy instead of working toward your main focus.
  • Feel confident about how you should proceed with the “technical stuff”, but are very clear on your overall cause or mission.
  • Plan a new project where software, web, and mobile play big roles.
  • Find in-house skills to build and utilise a successful software project.
  • Research the best ways to have a successful software project.
  • Find ways to avoid common pitfalls in new software projects.

In the past, you may have found it hard to work with other developers whose goals are not aligned with your own. Perhaps you’ve had a project go wrong that was late, over budget, or badly delivered, and now you lack confidence in yourself to find the right developer, and confidence in a developer to get you to your goal.We understand the risk you feel you’re taking in trusting us. HappyPorch will work to solve technical problems and build a long term relationship based on trust and mutual goals.

HappyPorch supports your cause.

At HappyPorch, we strive to set ourselves apart from other “software development” companies. We choose which organisations we partner with and align our goals with the goals of the organisation.

We don’t want our partners to fear the word “software” and we work hard to stay away from “developer jargon” that doesn’t matter to the grand vision of your project. At HappyPorch, we want to support you because you support others. Together, we can affect positive change in the world.